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The Belgrade Display is an important place to promote Belgrade’s creativity as well as its contemporary identity and expression through which the scope of the entire civic community is manifested. It is located in the most visited place in Belgrade, where the Knez Mihailo street and the Republic Square meet, and has been active for 24 years, as a part of the Belgrade Culture Centre. It is an important institution for the purchasing and selling fine products and has had an international fame for a long time.

This very idea is nurtured today: the promotion of urban author souvenirs with Belgrade motifs. This institutional continuity in the development of a program is rare in our profession.The range of souvenirs and their production are unique. The Belgrade Display hires talented and creative artists to design and produce the collection of souvenirs. In doing this, it supports domestic design and invests in domestic creative industries. These souvenir models are unique and can only be bought there.This year’s collection has around 30 items such as T-shirts, mugs, mouse-pads, aprons, coasters, pencils, notebooks and many others.A souvenir is an item which carries a powerful emotional message of a certain place within itself. It should be easy to transport, can be used as a gift, but should not be pricy. During the 90s, most of The Belgrade Display’s customers were from Belgrade. Later on, people who left Belgrade to go abroad showed the strongest emotional attachment. Nowadays, mostly foreigners visit. A complete turnaround program was created recently in order to bring the people of Belgrade back into the shop. This was done by introducing designer brands and works by academic artists, who worked on hand crafted souvenirs; all of which have a distinct approach in shaping Belgrade’s motifs on various objects.

Aleksandar Stanojlović



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